• Provide furniture, bed linen, household items or seating

(Where necessary i.e. for stroke patients or those with neurological conditions, who can not sit safely in normal seating, we will assess seating needs and refer to other agencies to obtain specialist seating)

  • Remove furniture or provide cleaning services to patient’s properties
  • Provide stair lifts, bathroom / wet room or other major adaptations. This is done by Occupational Therapists working in Social Services
  • Provide wheelchairs for long term use – a wheelchair may be loaned to a patient in the case of lower limb amputation or in the case of terminally ill patients, but you will be referred to wheelchair services for long term provision where the need for this is identified
  • Assess people other than those referred to us during a hospital admission
  • Assess those under the age of 18 years. We are not a children’s service
  • Assess benefits entitlements
  • Provide equipment or adaptations for a patients spouse / partner / next of kin. We treat only the needs of the patient.

Please look in the useful contacts section for agencies that may be able to assist with some of the above.