The HIV Dietetic Team are based in Hawthorn House at Heartlands Hospital and work as part of the HIV multidisciplinary team. When you attend HIV outpatients you will have the opportunity to have an appointment with the Dietitian usually on your second or third clinic visit, after you have settled into the clinic and as you meet all the members of the multidisciplinary team.

What to expect from your personal Dietetic consultation?

  • A full  assessment of your heart, bone health & risk of developing diabetes.
  • Explore your lifestyle and work with you to give you the confidence to make realistic healthy lifestyle changes to improve your long term health.
  • Anthropometric assessment – including waist circumference, body weight and body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Relevant measurements including cholesterol, glucose and vitamin D levels will be done
  • A full dietary assessment.
  • Personalised dietary information and advice which may include healthy eating, food and water safety, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, managing appetite and weight changes including regaining weight or weight loss, blood glucose control, managing medication side-effects, Antenatal and postnatal nutrition.

If you have specific medical issues, such as heart, kidney, liver problems or you are pregnant you may be referred to one of our specialist clinics, where you will be seen by the specialist dietitian for that area.

If you would like to see a dietitian please make an appointment at reception.

Contact details

HIV Dietitians 0121 424 2360
HIV Outpatient Reception 0121 424 3559

Other websites – Sexual Health Birmingham – NAM – Baseline – Baseline 8well, eight short videos from Baseline on healthy eating with HIV – Saving Lives – British Heart Foundation – Heart UK – British Dietetic Association Food Facts Leaflets

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