The inpatient physiotherapy department treats adult patients and children and is grouped into 6 teams offering a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Rehabilitation aiming for optimal level of independence.
  • Respiratory care for patients in intensive care, following surgery or with chronic respiratory disease including emergency service at night and weekends.
  • Use of techniques to reduce pain and improve the range of movement of joints.
  • Involvement in safe, appropriate discharge planning.

Treatment programs may include: exercise therapy, neurological and amputee rehabilitation, respiratory care and health education and advice including education for carers. Physiotherapy in the inpatients department is mainly available during office hours during the week, and a moderated service at the weekends. Emergency on call respiratory services are available 24/7.”

Medical and elderly team

The team look after patients with complex physical, social, functional and discharge issues providing rehabilitation for the patients before returning home or having further therapy in a community/ intermediate care facility. This team is also involved in facilitating safe and timely discharges from the acute assessment unit and the accident and emergency unit.

Orthopaedic team

This team works with patients following a variety of trauma and elective surgery. The physiotherapists provide patients with individual exercise programs to help increase joint range improve muscle power and restore function. They also assist the patients to regain their mobility in order to be discharged safely.

Neurological team

The team provides assessment and intervention for patients with complex neurological conditions. Patients are seen on the wards and in a gym. There is a strong emphasis on team working with other therapy colleagues. There is also an acute stroke unit, which provides acute rehabilitation for patients who have had strokes. For more information please visit:

Surgical team

This team works in the intensive care units providing respiratory care and early rehabilitation to ensure good functional outcomes following critical illnesses. This team is also responsible for the respiratory care and rehabilitation service on the general surgical and thoracic surgery wards and also run the acute amputation rehabilitation program.

The Respiratory team

The team works in the intensive care unit, high dependency, NIV wards and CF unit. This team provides respiratory care and early rehabilitation to patient following critical illness and with a respiratory condition. For more information please visit:

Paediatric and Pelvic Health Team

This team works with all the different children’s conditions providing respiratory care, individual and specialized exercise programs.

The Pelvic Health team provide respiratory care, post operative exercise and early rehabilitation to patients who have undergone major surgery on the gynaecology wards at Birmingham Heartlands hospital. The Pelvic Health team also works with ante and post natal in patients with musculoskeletal conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor problems and acute respiratory care. For more information please visit: