At your first appointment you will be asked detailed questions about your condition, so that we can establish what your main problems are and decide together on a treatment programme to help you maintain and improve your health if possible. Please bring with you a full list of your current medication and ensure that if you are under 16 that you have a carer/guardian with you, otherwise we will not be able to proceed with the assessment.

You will be seen at your given appointment time and the initial assessment will take approximately 30 minutes, but this will depend on individual needs.

You will need to remove some clothing to allow the Physiotherapist to examine the affected part. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove, and if you could bring some shorts if we are examining your leg it would be beneficial.

Once you have been assessed the care you receive will be tailored specifically for you. It may be appropriate for you to be given advice only and shown how to manage your problem yourself, or you may continue to receive a course of Physiotherapy which may include a combination of the treatments available. Your Physiotherapist will advise you on the best form of treatment to help you improve and will discuss the benefits and contra-indications of any of them before commencing treatment. If we agree that Physiotherapy won’t help you at this time we may refer you to other members of the health team who can assist you.