Patients can be referred to us by their Consultant or Doctor. However, we have now introduced a system where you do not have to go to visit your Doctor before gaining access to Physiotherapy. This process is called ‘Self–referral’ and reduces the time taken before your initial assessment. In some cases we may still have to consult with your Doctor before we see you because of the complexity of your condition, only so that we have all the information to treat you effectively.


Please complete the form and follow the advice on it – you can then post the form to your chosen location for Physiotherapy or phone the central booking line on 0121 424 9053. [TBC]

Phone: 0121 424 9053
Fax: 0121 424 7096

Once we have received your referral or if you have phoned the booking line, you will have a short telephone interview and we will arrange a mutually agreed appointment date and time with you. Please be aware that the booking line is very busy, and if the operator is taking a call a message machine will take over of which we will call you back within two working days.