The paediatric physiotherapy department see both inpatient and outpatient children at Heartlands Hospital. In order to access physiotherapy a referral must be made by your GP or hospital consultant.

Inpatient Paediatric
The inpatient paediatric physiotherapy team will see any child on the ward requiring physiotherapy intervention. This includes those with respiratory, orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Paediatric Orthopaedic Outpatient Physiotherapy
A range of services are offered at all 3 sites.
We offer a range of services, including
Musculoskeletal assessment and treatment
Gait assessment
Hip screening
Management of congenital orthopaedic anomalies

Paediatric Respiratory Outpatient Physiotherapy
We offer a paediatric respiratory outpatient service at Heartlands Hospital. We see children with a range of respiratory conditions, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and dysfunctional breathing.

Paediatric Neurology / Developmental Physiotherapy
We are the national centre for neuromuscular conditions and form part of a large multi-disciplinary team. We see any children under 5 with neuro – developmental needs, including those born prematurely and those with cerebral palsy. Our community colleagues accept referrals for any child over 5.teamphoto1

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