We have a number of general and specialist outpatient clinics that operate on all 3 hospital sites; Heartlands, Solihull and Good Hope Hospitals. In order to be referred for dietary advice you will need to ask your GP or hospital consultant to refer you.

What should I expect as an outpatient?

You will be sent a letter confirming that you have been referred to us with a list of our clinic times, locations and details of how to make your appointment. In order to make an appointment, we ask that you telephone us to make your appointment within two weeks or alternatively you can complete and return a booking form to us. You can expect to be seen within approximately 4 – 8 weeks from date of referral.

Your first appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. The dietitian will explain why you have been referred and ask you about what you usually eat. You will then be given advice on how to make any necessary changes to your diet to help improve or treat your medical condition. If you require a follow up appointment this will be offered to you on the day of your first visit or alternatively you can ring the department to arrange your follow up appointment as required. We ask that if you are unable to attend any outpatient appointments  you have arranged to let us know in advance so we can offer your appointment slot to someone else.

To cancel or rearrange an appointment please contact us on 0121 424 2675


All patients in hospital are screened for malnutrition on a weekly basis. This includes weight and height assessment, history of weight loss, current appetite and food intake and ability to eat independently. Any patient who falls into the ‘high or moderate risk’ category for malnutrition will be referred to a dietitian for nutritional advice and support.

The food and drink intake of patients are monitored by the nursing staff and patients who are of concern to the nursing staff will be monitored more closely using our red tray and red cup system.

If family members have any concerns about their relative’s eating and drinking they should report this to the nurse or doctor in charge of their relatives care.

After discharge from hospital

If you have been seen by a dietitian during your hospital admission and given special dietary advice you will be given some information to take home with a contact name and phone number to use if you require further advice or follow up. In addition you may be referred onto our other services such as diabetes, weight management or community dietitians.