Food  is part of the essential clinical care of the patient, and makes an important contribution to recovery and response to treatment. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust provides a variety of high quality, safe, nutritious food and drink to patients in hospital. Great care is taken to provide food, which is right for the needs of individual patients. Choices suitable for all special dietary requirements whether medical, religious, conscientious or personal are available. Snacks and drinks are available on the ward at any time of the day.

However, if patients or their relatives/friends do wish to supplement the hospital diet with additional items, and  if the patient’s condition permits, any of the following items of Food or Drink may be brought in & kept in the Bedside Locker.

  • Fresh Fruit (Washed)
  • Biscuits and Crisps
  • Individually wrapped Cakes / Cereals / Cereal Bars
  • Sweets / Chocolate
  • Fruit Squash / Cordials
  • Individual Cartons / Cans of Juice or Pop, which do not need to be kept in the Fridge

In the interest of patient safety, the trust does not permit hot food to be brought in for patients, cannot provide refridgerated storage for food or drink and cannot reheat food from home or purchased from shops. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust cannot accept any responsibility for untoward effects resulting from eating or drinking items brought in to the hospital.