We are specialist dietitians working with patients with end-stage kidney failure (Chronic Kidney Disease). We provide a service to all renal patients including those patients with end-stage kidney failure not yet requiring dialysis, patients with nephrotic syndrome, all patients on haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, patients presenting with acute kidney injuries and transplant patients. Individualised dietary advice is given to each patient depending on their treatment plan and blood results. We have dietetic assistant who supports us in our role both on the ward, with Glaxo and at each renal satellite unit.

Patient Information Leaflets

Renal Dietetic Service
Renal Dietetic Service (pre-dialysis)
Patient Blood Tool (small version)
Patient Blood Tool (complete version)
Early Chronic Kidney Disease
Recipe Book

Contact details

Renal Dietitians 0121 424 0675

Other Websites

http://www.kidney.org.uk – National Kidney Federation
https://www.renalpatientview.org – Renal patient view
http://www.nhs.uk – NHS  choices website